General Policies

Price Changes

All prices on this site are subject to change without notice.

Photos and Graphics

Images displayed of parts/items listed may not always exactly represent the item. Some images are used for general reference only. Please contact us if you have a question about a particular image found on our website before making your purchase. Please read any small print found below an image.

Typos and Misprints

We disclaim responsibility for any printing or typographical errors, and do not guarantee that all information found on this website is accurate. We endeavor to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the products and services listed on our Web Sites, however, as we cannot verify all information from all manufacturers and providers and as errors in gathering and publishing such information may occur, does not warrant that the product and service listings are or will always be accurate, complete or current and we shall not be liable or responsible as a result of any errors therein. Therefore, reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for products listed at the incorrect price and shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase, and your order has been canceled, shall immediately issue a refund to you in the amount of the incorrect price.

The price displayed on the website is less then the price the Sales Department gave me over the phone, shouldn't I only have to pay the website price?

Sometimes you may find pricing typos on our website. We hope you understand we work very hard to keep our website correct, but mistakes do happen. Unfortunately, you must pay the correct price of the part, and not the typo price.

I just received an email saying that the part on the website I want isn't correct. What's going on?

With thousands of parts online, we are constantly updating our web pages and database. On rare occasion you may come across a part or web page that is currently being updated and so the price or description may be wrong. Additionally, typos and misprints do occur. If this happens, you may receive an email in response to your inquiry or order letting you know what the actual cost of the item is. When this happens, we work very hard to get the part or web page updated immediately for you. If you order an item and the cost is different then the web page or shopping cart shows, we will notify you before proceeding with your order.
Orders can be placed through our secure website on almost all items 24 hours a day. We can also take orders through Phone 1-888-471-2827 or E-mail ( When placing orders, please have parts that you want in mind, shipping address and billing address if different, credit card information (card #, expiration date, 3 or 4 digit authorization code), and e-mail address. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CREDIT CARD NUMBERS THROUGH E-MAIL.
Shipping Methods
Different orders are shipped using different methods. The best method will be chosen at the time of your order. Our default shipping method in the states is UPS. We can also ship items Priority mail on Request. Tracking numbers are available on most orders. If your order is back ordered at our location and is shipping directly from the manufacturer, we may not have access to a tracking number.
Privacy & Security respects customer privacy. All phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, and other contact information is used solely for the purpose of successful ordering and shipping of parts. We will never release or sell your information to any company or organization. Please note that if items are drop shipped, our supplier will get your shipping address and possibly Phone # only for shipping use.
Returns & Replacements
Returns are given within 60 days of item(s) purchase date. It is ultimately your responsibility to determine that the parts you order are the correct items for your vehicle model and year. We will work with you in any reasonable means to insure the product fits your vehicle. Please call or email us for technical information on application and fitment to your vehicle prior to ordering. Returns are ONLY accepted in original and unused condition; item(s) must not have been installed and must be in original package which contains all original contents. Shipping is non-refundable. C.O.D.'s are not accepted on returns. A 20% restock fee will apply. Any Stroker kit returned must have a Return Authorization Number and will recieve a 25% Restocking fee,  Return payment is given in the original payment form. If the return is based on a mistake that we have made, we will waive the 20% restocking fee and reimburse any shipping. If you need to return anything to us you MUST contact us first for approval and obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) within 30 days of delivery. Without this, our returns department may not be able to process your return and will not know who sent the package.
With all of our parts that require a core, the core must be in a condition so it can be rebuilt or refurbished and can be sent out to another customer in a “LIKE NEW” condition. Cores that do not come in a reusable condition will not be acceptable and a core charge refund will NOT be given or may ONLY be given for the parts of the core that can be reused. Cores must be returned within 30 days of delivery of purchase.
  • Crankshaft Cores – Full credit will be issued providing:
  • 1. Core is returned in the original box.
  • 2. Core is a like part number for item purchased.
  • 3. Core is a sound casting. Some cranks must be Magnafluxed prior to credit being issued.
  • 4. Core must be returned within 30 days of purchase.
  • 5. Cores must be able to be reground to sizes that are offered in your market and not require welding to receive full credit.
  • If any thread and keyway repair or welding is required, you will not receive the full refund. The additional labor cost will be deducted from your potential crankshaft refund. A charge of $95 per weld will be charged against the core price
  • OUR CRANKSHAFT CORE CHECKLIST: (use this as a guide to whether or not your crankshaft core is remanufacturable)
  • 1. Visual check of general condition: Broken, obviously damaged, cracked, rusted (junkyard cranks) or damaged from impact with con rods etc. will not be accepted for core credit. Cranks, which have been balanced, should be only sent in for R&R, as they have no core value.
  • 2. Visual check of threads: All threaded holes in the neck and rear flange must be sound. Cores with stripped threads will be accepted but will be charged for necessary repairs. If the front bolt is broken in your core pay special attention to the condition of the keyway.
  • 3. Keyways: Keyways must be able to hold the key snug. Look for damage or elongation on the thrust side of the slot. Cranks with broken bolts in the snout, in most cases, will have keyway damage. Cores with keyway damage, in most cases, will be of no value. (Average repair is approximately $200.00)
  • 4. Rod Journals: Mic all rod positions (both sides if common journal). Rod journals should be checked in more than one position around the journal to be sure there is no severe out of round condition. Look for scouring, deep pits, or gouges that may be lower than the micrometer contact surface. Bearing material left on the journal from a spun rod may not always indicate a weld is required. If possible, carefully remove the material and check as normal. If not removable, return the core for inspection before core charge is refunded to customer. Rod welds will be charged as per the number of rods needing welding, not the number of journals.
  • 5. Main Journals: Visually check for obvious damage or spun bearings.
  • 6. Thrust Surface: Look for scouring or wear beyond the filet, in most cases the wear will be found on the rear surface (flywheel side). If the thrust area is worn excessively please advise your customer to check for the improper condition that would have created the wear; torque converter, oil cooler restriction, automatic front pump, clutch assembly etc.
  • 7. Rear Main Seal: Visually inspect for deep grooves or rust pits. Excessive wear will require welding and will be charged accordingly.
  • 8. All Crankshaft Cores must be like for like, i.e. material, counterweight count, etc. All cores must be in the original boxes.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
All prices are listed in U.S. dollars and generally do not include shipping. You can convert currency using We accept payment via credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) as well as PayPal. We do not offer open accounts or CODs. We try and keep our online prices and shipping quotes accurate, however there are times they might not be. In which case we do reserve the right to either negotiate a new, fair, price with you or cancel the order. Either way you will be notified of the discrepancy ASAP.
All parts are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship by the original equipment manufacturer for a period of 90 days. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase not the date of installation. WARRANTY IS LIMITED TO REPLACEMENT OF PART ONLY-NO REFUNDS! Warranty does not cover labor, failure to related components, failure resulting from faulty installation nor will the liability of Clegg Engine exceed the cost of the original part. If you have a problem with any item from Clegg Engine. please call us with a full explanation. Please provide the invoice number and we will be happy to advise you how to handle the warranty issue. Please contact Clegg Engine prior to repairing or replacing a damaged part. Clegg Engine will not be responsible for costs to repair or replace damaged merchandise incurred before contacting Clegg Engine.. All shipping charges to and from or the manufacturer are to be covered by the customer on warranty issues.
Damaged or lost goods are the sole responsibility of the carrier (UPS, USPS). Title of merchandise passes from shipper to carrier after it leaves our doors and to the customer on delivery. All parts should be thoroughly inspected upon arrival to ensure every part is in good working order. We will do all we can to fix any problem that may happen. Upon carrier approval, re-shipments of product will then be carried out.