Our Machine Services

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Block Work
Service Price Service Price Service Price
Bore / Hone 4 cylinder block 80 Bore / Hone L6 cylinder Block 110 Bore / Hone V6 cylinder block 110
Bore / Hone V8 cylinder block 140 Bore / Hone Medium duty V8 Block 180 Bore / Hone L6 Heavy duty cylinder Block 180
Bore / Hone 1 cylinder block 60 Hone 4 cylinder Block 50 Hone V6 cylinder Block 65
Hone L6 cylinder Block 65 Hone V8 cylinder Block 70 Hone 1 cylinder block 35
Custom Honing 85 per hour Torque Plate (4 Cylinder block) 60 Torque Plate (V6) 70
Torque Plate (V8) 75 Install Sleeve in Block 100 Install Sleeve in Industrial Block 125
Install Camshaft bearings 30 Install Freeze Plug set in block 30 Align Hone Block 125
Align Bore Block 300 Align Bore Block (after market caps) align hone 400 Torque Mains and check Align Bore 35
Resurface 4 cylinder block 65 Resurface V6 cylinder block 100 Resurface L6 cylinder block 85
Resurface V6 cylinder block 100 Resurface V8 Industrial Block 140 Clearance Block For Stroker 65
Custom Block work 85 per hour        
Connecting Rod Work
Service Price Service Price Service Price
Resize Connecting Rod 14 Each Check Set Of (8) Rods 24 Check Set Of (6) Rods 20
Check set Of (4) Rods 18 Assemble (4) Pistons to Rods 20 Assemble (6) Pistons to Rods 30
Assemble (8) Pistons to Rods 40 Pin Fit 1 Rod 15 each Pin Fit (4) Rods 40
Pin Fit Industrial Rod 20 each Custom Rod Work 85 per hour Install ARP Rod Bolts 35
Crankshaft Work
Service Price Service Price Service Price
Polish 1 Cylinder Crankshaft 20 Polish 4 Cylinder Crankshaft 25 Polish V6 Crankshaft 30
Polish L6 Crankshaft 35 Polish V8 Crankshaft 40 Grind 1 Cylinder Crankshaft 40
Grind 4 Cylinder Crankshaft 100 Grind L6 Cylinder Crankshaft 130 Grind V6 Crankshaft 125
Grind V8 Crankshaft 125 Grind 4 Industrial Crankshaft 160 Grind V6 Industrial Crankshaft 200
Grind V8 Industrial Crankshaft 240 Custom Crankshaft Grind 90 per hour Weld Crankshaft Journal 75
Straighten Crankshaft 35        
Engine Balancing
Service Price Service Price Service Price
Balance 4 cylinder Engine 125 Balance V6 cylinder Engine 200 Balance L6 cylinder Engine 180
Balance V8 cylinder Engine 225 Balance Performance Motor 250 Balance L6 Medium Diesel 260
Balance V8 Medium Diesel 275 Install Heavy Metal 60 each balance flywheel to match another flywheel 100
Engine Disassembly / Assemble
Service Price Service Price Service Price
Disassemble L4 Engine 65 Disassemble L6 Engine 70 Disassemble V6 Engine 70
Disassemble V8 Engine 75 Assemble L4 Engine 360 Assemble L6 Engine 380
Assemble V6 Engine 400 Assemble V8 Engine 400 Assemble V8 Performance Engine 500
Install accessories 85 per hour        
Cylinder Heads
Note: because of the large number of heads please E-mail or call for an accurate quote
Service Price Service Price Service Price
Cylinder Head Work 85 per hour        
Service Price Service Price Service Price
Hot tank 4 Cylinder Block 25 Hot tank L6 Cylinder Block 30 Hot tank V6 Cylinder Block 30
Hot tank V8 Cylinder Block 40 Hot tank 4 Cylinder Industrial Block 50 Hot tank L6 Cylinder Industrial Block 60
Hot tank V6 Cylinder Industrial Block 60 Hot tank V8 Cylinder Industrial Block 60 Clean Full Set of Covers 40
Shoot Peen Intake Manifold 30 Glass Beed Intake Manifold 25 Custom Cleaning 85 per hour
Note: because of the large number of heads please E-mail or call for an accurate quote
Service Price Service Price Service Price
Resurface flywheel 35        

Additional Machine Services Information

Clegg Automotive and Machine has been in the machining business for over 38 years. We are a State-of-the-Art machine shop that uses only the best engine machining equipment coupled with certified, highly skilled machinists. Priding ourselves on providing superior quality machine work has solidified our status as one of the best machine shops in the western United states.
We utilize these top of the line brand name machines to complete all of our engine machining projects Sunnen, Serdi, Berco, Rottler, CWT, Peterson, Superflow - using superior equipment allows us to meet or exceed original factory precision for any given application. Have an engine part that needs machining? Contact us today for the best machining experience of your life! 1-888-471-2827 or email us at sales@cleggengine.com.

List of the engine machining services we provide:

  • Cylinder Heads:

  • Surface Milling
  • Cylinder Head Assembly
  • Valve grinding and refacing
  • Valve seat work
  • Porting
  • Engine Blocks:

  • Hot Tanking
  • Shot Peening
  • Line Honing
  • Vertical Honing
  • Connecting Rods
  • Decking
  • Crankshafts:

  • Crankshaft Balancing
  • Crankshaft Grinding and Polishing

Overview of our Cylinder Head machining process:

All work is done on our premises and starts with a complete tear-down and thorough inspection of every head entering our shop. After a complete evaluation of all components, its on to our State-of-the-Art thermal cleaning system and magnafluxing. At this point, the head enters the second stage of our high tech machine shop where qualified and certified machinists handle the precision stages of restoration to ensure you of superior workmanship and quality every time. CBN resurfacing is performed to eliminate the possibility of head warpage. Valve seats always recieve a 3 angle valve job on one of our 3 Serdi machines. Each valve is machine dressed at the stem and face, conforming with OEM specs. All springs are tension tested, and worn rocker studs are replaced when necessary. In addition new freeze plugs, pollution plugs, valve keepers and valve seals are installed. The cylinder head is then vacuum tested to ensure proper seating of all valves. Specifications and technical updates are readily available thru our AREA and Prosis data programs. This information is utilized during the remanufacturing process to ensure accuracy at all times. Only after a final inspection are our heads ready to ship.

Example of our engine block machining process:

We start with hot tanking to clean then we test and inspect the block for cracks. Main caps are bolted up (without bearings), measured for diameter size and concentricity, and aligned. Next is align-boring or align-honing (when needed). The center line of crankshaft is established. Next, the block is decked. This is done to create an absolutely flat surface, which is parallel to the centerline of the crankshaft and correct angle relative to the bores, for the head gasket and cylinder head to mount upon. - The decking process may also be a method of adjusting compression ratio or decreasing the squish area. - With the block square, the cylinders can be bored and power honed with a torque plate in place. The hone creates the necessary crosshatch pattern on the cylinder walls through the use of dedicated, application-specific stones. Bore chamfering is performed as well. Additional machining processes may be undertaken depending on the level of performance machining desired. We can do it all here.

Overview of our crankshaft balancing and polishing processes:

Our crankshaft balancing process starts by attaching the crankshaft to our CWT Multi Balance 5000 machine. Weights are added to the crankshaft's journals to offset the weight of the rod and pistons (referred to as bobweight). If the weight added is the correct weight to offset the weight of the rods and pistons, the crankshaft is balanced. If the counterweights are too heavy, material will be removed by drilling or milling the counterweights. If the counterweights are too light, weight will be added to the counterweights. This is done by drilling a hole in the counterweight and filling the hole with "heavy metal" or "mallory". This filler metal is denser and heavier than steel (but not stonger) so the weight of the counterweight will increase as a result.